Insert Catchy Title Here When Ready

Hello Tumblr. This is Amanda 1 (A1) and Amanda 2 (A2). Amanda 1 just happens to be a tasty steak sauce. Amanda 2 is apathetic.

We used to be roommates at college now we’re not because A1 is going to some other school far away. (This here means 45 minutes away.) We are nerdfighters, Whovians, Gleeks, and overall TV addicts.

A1 majors in International Affairs/History. She loves Harry Potter, specifically Snape because Harry is a stupid tool. Musical interests include: Lady GaGa, Tegan & Sara, Adele, & Coconut Records. A1 attempts and fails daily at writing her own novel & wants to go to London for school in 2012.

A2 majors in KICKING ASS. She loves Fringe, Bones, Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name & Anime. Musical interests include: Ludo, Franz Ferdinand, & Gorillaz. A2 runs an awesome Art Improvement blog,

We hope you enjoy our craziness and stuff.